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Previously a store selling replica Chanel watches appeared on this domain name. To stop the owner of this site from continuing to take advantage of the public, Chanel took legal action. As a result of this action, a Federal Judge ordered the store shut down and the domain name transferred to Chanel’s control.  The previous owners of the domain name were also ordered to pay Chanel over $500,000.00 in damages.

The MyWatchesHome.com store sold 56 models of replica Chanel watches. One item from the store was listed as a “Chanel J12 Black Ceramic Mens Watch H0949-CHANEL 079” and was priced at $ 103.00. Clicking the “View Detail” button under this listing brought visitors to another page with detailed information on the “Chanel J12 Black Ceramic Mens Watch H0949-CHANEL 079” replica watch. Among the additional information listed for this watch was the following:

Flat Rate International Shipping, a 14 Day Money Back Guarantee, a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee and a 100% Safe Shopping Experience were also listed among the replica Chanel watch’s selling features. The “Payment Methods” page stated that replica Chanel watches, like the one detailed above, could be purchased by credit card (Visa or MasterCard), Western Union or Moneygram.  A 7% discount was offered to those paying by Western Union and the payment details for an individual in Guangdong, China were listed.